Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Freckles is 9

My biggie is 9 years old today.
The last 9 years have gone too fast. I have found myself spending way too long wondering how is it that I have a child of this age. I don't feel old enough but believe me I am, I'm no spring chicken! 9 is too close to 10 and 10 means that we are edging towards secondary school, teenage years and boobies..... Too much growing up is going on in this household. I tell them all to slow down but they are just not listening!

Always the protector! Miss Freckles has always looked after her younger brother and sister. She is kind and compassionate and fiercely protective.

Although an old soul, this little darling has a wicked sense of humour and thankfully is still just a little girl. She is not in a hurry to grow up and still loves being a child.

Shy and thoughtful

An outdoors girl. She loves any type of animal and is often found with her head under bushes looking for bugs. Here she is with her pet dog Jasmine who goes to school with her every day and obviously on holidays too!

Her very special cousin. Only 2 months apart and completely chalk and cheese but they love each other unconditionally and are the best of friends.

Little Miss Freckles you rock my world!


Rachael @Mogantosh said...

A beautiful birthday message Mama. Happy day Miss Freckles - nine is a super groovy age and I hope you have a wonderful year. xx

Anonymous said...

lovely tribute to your daughter.

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