Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm grateful for.........

This Saturday I am grateful for.................

Children that love school and love to learn. I am also grateful that their achievements are recognised and felt so proud seeing how chuffed Miss Blondie was to stand in front of her school to receive her award.

For funny, happy, crazy little kiddies who love being together.

For the sunshine and the worms. So far today there has been a worm hunting expedition going on in our backyard.

Looking under plants and rocks.

The prized possession, a very large worm!

I am grateful for the children to be happy and busy so that I can fill nail holes, do some gardening and maybe a bit of painting whilst listening to their laughter and funny chatter.

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Maxabella said...

Lovely! You've expressed the joy of children so well. x

Felicity said...

What precious gifts children and childhood are.
These images are gorgeous and it's so lovely to read about children who not only love to learn but are given recognition of their achievements.

Felicity x

mel @ loved handmade said...

Oh Mandy I love this post, what a gorgeous perfect day!

Unknown said...

Aww what a lovely day, your pictures are beautiful. Children, childhood just children doing natural things is simply the best. Lovely post.. Dee x

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