Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Creative Space

I have have a lovely week making some new bits and pieces. Not an order in sight but I've had the freedom to just play and make some one off skirts. I've been waiting for this time and for the inspiration, it arrived and I've loved it.
I've had a few customers drop in to my house today to do a little shopping. I set my studio up like a little shop and its the nicest and cleanest it has been for a very long time. One lady bought 7 bibs so I'm pretty chuffed about that!
I have so many ideas and hopefully the creative mojo continues.

Girls skirt made from gorgeous hot pink quilted fabric.

Bag Tags

Face washers with fabric applique. I hate to throw away my fabric scraps so I'm always on the lookout for ways to use them.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kate Miller-Heidke - Are You F..king Kidding Me? (The Facebook Song) [Li...

If you haven't already heard Kate Miller Heidke's Are You Fucking Kidding Me?, does yourself a favour. Tis very funny and many of you will relate to it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks Theme Queen is Zoe from over at A Boys Mummy and she has chosen Pre loved-inherited or thrift-ed as this weeks theme.

This theme suits me down to the ground. As I wandered around my house I really didn't know what to photograph as so much of what I own is pre-loved, inherited or thrift-ed.

No more words for me today, just photos.

Enjoy your day.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Loving the shadow this plant cast on our back fence.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I haven't been op shopping too much of late, well compared to my usual habit anyway. But, I have picked up some goodies along the way.

I picked up these gorgeous doilies and butterfly embroidered napkin.

I love this blue and white fabric. It is at the moment a very large dress which I'm thinking will one day be an A-line summer skirt.

This hot pink (not red as the photo shows) floral dressing gown is great. I have a bit of a thing for this type of fabric. Little mini skirts for little mini girls????? Possibly!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Creative Space

Upcycled, recycled, 2nd time around love .......... whatever you'd like to call it, it is. Last night I whipped up this little beauty from a dress my friend Cint gave me quite a while ago. This chick has THE best wardrobe and the best eye for vintage clothes I have ever seen. Lucky me got a huge bag of cast offs that were not her size and told I could do whatever I wanted with them. Until now I just couldn't cut into them, they have been hanging in my studio and I look at them constantly waiting for inspiration. Inspiration arrived last night. I love this fabric and thought that instead of the usual A-line skirt I always make I'd pop in an elastic waist. I must say I was a bit nervous, its not always a flattering look. Good for 4 year olds and generally not so great for almost 40 year olds! End result is a bit of ric rac on the hem and bobs your uncle ( or in my case my Pop) its done and I love it. I might just add some fancy nancy pockets and its ready to rock n roll.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Place & Yours

This one was a little tricky for me and took a bit of searching..............until I found it right in front of my nose, almost. As a rule, I'm not a huge fan of yellow. These fabric though, I love to bits. The large floral is a girls summer dress and looks so cute on. The small floral is just delightful and the other I have grand plans on making myself a skirt with that as a trim.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Point and Shoot

My little Miss Blondie sound asleep after a busy weekend playing with her brother and sister...................and why wouldn't you wear a beanie and 2 scarves to bed!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

My little contribution for this week.

A little bit of fun playing with the original image on Picasa and here it is.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

The weekend

The weekend has arrived which is fabulous of course. But all 3 of the munchkins have swimming lessons on a Saturday morning and I can tell you this will be the last term of that! The whole family is over the early morning rise to get there, this morning all the kids wanted to do was veg out in their PJ's.
While they head off to swimming with their Dad I went for a walk with the pooch......and popped in to a few garage sales!

After delivering an order of bibs to Seababes in Barwon Heads yesterday, today is a day of washing, cleaning and organising.

And eating ice-creams.

Have a great weekend everyone. xxxx

Thursday, May 13, 2010

6 years and 1 week

My darling little Miss Blondie is 6. She is 6 years and 1 week young. I couldn't do this post on her actual birthday as I was racing around cleaning, baking, prettying things up for a little ol' birthday party for her little ol' besties. I am now only recovering from the flu or maybe it is post party stress disorder. I always imagined before children that I would LOVE hosting their parties, truth be told.....................I don't! I love the idea of it but the reality sends me into a bit of a spin. I don't do party games and the thought of a house full of kiddies screaming makes me want to hide in the bathroom with a bottle of wine for company. Don't get me wrong, I do the parties but the games NO. We do crafty parties instead!!! Sounds worse I know but it works for me.
Enough about me................
Little Miss Blondie.She is our middle child in every sense of the word... She has fought from the moment she arrived to be noticed. How could we not, she was beautiful and oh so look at. Not so on the ears! She has always been over the top in every way, happy, sad and cranky. Even her taste in clothes is over the top, I love it! Why wouldn't you mix every colour and pattern imaginable into the one outfit!

We call her Passion Pops, so passionate in every way.

I can't believe my little darling is already 6. She is starting to read and write and be a big girl.
She is funny and silly, she is caring and loving, she is popular, she is stubborn and disorganised but mostly she is my special little honey who I love lots and lots of muches.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I am sewing like a mad woman to get an order done for a local store. I've been a bit under the weather for the past week so in my usual style have left it to the last minute.......the story of my life. It is actually the way I work, always have and always will. I work well under pressure!
Bibs, bibs and more bibs. This is where it all started for me and I must say I still love making them.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I know i'm a few days late but after such a beautiful day with my family I was feeling a little unwell..........bit of an understatement actually, today I feel rotten! I have the flu and will be on the mend soon i'm sure.
Yesterday I awoke to 3 very excited little munchkins with their funny little gifts from daycare and school. I love this about Mothers Day, they really do put thought into what they chose!

We set off on a little adventure just before lunch and ended up at Martian's Cafe in Deans Marsh. Its a rustic little cafe that plays host to alot of local and Melbourne muso's over the weekend. We had lunch there (fantastic food) and then drove on through Lorne and then along the Great Ocean Road to Aireys Inlet. A stop at the beach, a pirate park and a cafe for coffee in Angelsea and our little tour came to an end.
I had the best Mother's Day. The munchkins were well behaved which of course ticks the box for a good day...
Hope you all had a great day too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My place & yours

Today I'm playing along with My Place & Yours from Hello Owl. This weeks theme is Your Favourite spot in the house. I love my house even though it is in a constant state of madness and mayhem and is in no way pristine and perfect. It is in fact homely and very "me", a bit rough 'round the edges and lived in!!!! I love stuff, minimal is not the way I roll. So, for this weeks them I actually found it quite difficult as there are so many spots that I truly love. I decided on my bedside table not because I love my bedroom (my "real" bedroom will be upstairs one day...) but because I love to sit on/in my bed and read. That's where I go to get a bit of quiet time away from the munchkins, oh and because I love to sleep...
I usually have a book on the go, necklaces, brooches, hair ties and other bits and bobs that never make it to their home.

For now this is my favourite spot in the house.

I made it on madeit...

I have only recently listed a few of my things on so was so excited to see that my ladies red mini skirt was featured as part of the "Monday Must-have".