Sunday, November 28, 2010

At my house.........

Mondays I must say are not my favourite day. The organising after the weekend and trying to get back on track is often a little too much.

I had planned on getting a bit of sewing done over the weekend. My niece was over for a sleepover and I figured that would keep the kids busy. Miss Blondie was feeling left out so I spent my time playing board games and building lego houses. Not a bad alternative but I am now feeling a little overwhelmed with what needs to be done before the Fairy Floss Market on Sunday.

A sneak peek at something new....

A pile of frilly dresses that need to be finished off.

For the rest of the day I will be trying to get these things done whilst playing train sets, hanging out washing, cleaning the kitchen and taking Blondie's bathers to school as I forgot this morning!!!

Hope you are all having a happy and productive Monday.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

A few more goodies I have found over the last few weeks.

Loving this stencil set that I purchased on Etsy, not an oppy find but almost Op shop price, bargain! I am yet to use it but have grand plans for it.

Great fabric from an Op shop in Mildura. Its super cute and I will be whipping up some girls dresses in this. Sorry about the crappy photo!

Another great find from Mildura. Love these patterns, particularly the one on the left. I can't wait to have time to try them out and really hope all the pieces are there.

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This week I am grateful for holidays, if only little ones.

Time to spend with our own little family and our extended families.

Waking up somewhere different and eating breakfast in the bush.

Checking out the lovely Wannon Falls

Enjoying the even more beautiful Nigretta Falls.

Visiting an old friends farm stunning farm and realising that I really am a country girl at heart.

Watching my very special children play beautifully together all weekend.
I am also grateful that they act their age and enjoy being children.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Creative Space

For me this week it has been a case of "a little bit of this and a little bit of that". I'm completely lacking focus and need to step things up a notch as the Fairy Floss Market is on in Geelong again next weekend! I have so many things cut out, half done and in the planning stages and am hoping I can pull it all together soon.

A few more cushions done.

Trialing these girls pants. The idea has been floating around in my head for some time and yesterday I finally started on them. The plan was to get my girls to try them on this morning but they wouldn't play the game. I think I like them, the fabric is a lovely light weight denim and the pockets are patched using scraps.
As you can see in this pic I only got the drawstring done in one leg!

I like the idea of the drawstring at the ankle or just above. It can be taken out or loosened.

These fabrics are for 2 special order skirts, I really must get a start on those too!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Freckles is 9

My biggie is 9 years old today.
The last 9 years have gone too fast. I have found myself spending way too long wondering how is it that I have a child of this age. I don't feel old enough but believe me I am, I'm no spring chicken! 9 is too close to 10 and 10 means that we are edging towards secondary school, teenage years and boobies..... Too much growing up is going on in this household. I tell them all to slow down but they are just not listening!

Always the protector! Miss Freckles has always looked after her younger brother and sister. She is kind and compassionate and fiercely protective.

Although an old soul, this little darling has a wicked sense of humour and thankfully is still just a little girl. She is not in a hurry to grow up and still loves being a child.

Shy and thoughtful

An outdoors girl. She loves any type of animal and is often found with her head under bushes looking for bugs. Here she is with her pet dog Jasmine who goes to school with her every day and obviously on holidays too!

Her very special cousin. Only 2 months apart and completely chalk and cheese but they love each other unconditionally and are the best of friends.

Little Miss Freckles you rock my world!

A serious case of CRAFT

Can't Remember A Freakin' Thing

On the way swimming lessons this morning I realised that I was in fact 1/2hr late. You see last term the little guy's lesson was at 11.30am and this term it is at 11am and I just can't seem to remember it. This is the 2nd time I have done this although the first one I got there and started to get him ready when one of the girls approached me awkwardly letting me know my mistake. They must think I am a complete air head which is actually quite true, I just live in hope that people don't realise...... So, after the little guy almost squeezing out a few tears about missing his lesson today we headed straight to the beach. We frolicked in the waves and had a lovely time. Much more fun than swimming lessons me thinks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

busy, busy, busy...

I have had a busy day today with the camera and computer. I've been photographing what seems like every single piece of stock that I have but in truth it is only a small portion. It is such a long process and whilst I'm doing it I'm wishing I was at the sewing machine instead! But today I was rewarded with some sales not long after I had posted them on madeit, you've gotta love that! I'm aiming to spend the next day or so loading a few more things into my madeit shop for the Christmas shoppers.

Lots and lots of luggage tags, a great stocking filler.

Pencil cases for ........ pencils, toys, make-up and anything else your heart desires.

and this pic is just because! A luggage tag and a cutie little dress against a super cool and crusty door.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Creative Space

I haven't been super busy by any stretch of the imagination but I have enjoyed the freedom over the last week to just create. I've had a few things on my mind lately and have now had the time to make and make some more.

I'm having fun with these "window" cushions. I have more that only need the front and backs sewn together but this great farm fabric is one of my favourites. The denim was thrifted and the farm fabric came from Mum's cupboard.

Loving these gorgeous little creatures. I found 2 NZ linen tea towels and made them into cushion covers.

My divine little poppet proudly wearing her new dress. My 2 girls ordered a new dress to wear to their Great Nan's 90th birthday on the weekend. This design has been in my head for ages and I nailed it on the first try. I'll be making more for the next Geelong Fairy Floss Market.

and hot off the press is the big girls dress. Her own design which I must say was quite specific but not difficult. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, we are leaving for Mildura late this afternoon...

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Camping out

The kiddies and their Dad decided yesterday that they would sleep the night in our campervan ..... in the driveway! We bought this campervan for $200 last year and my hubby has been slowly fixing it up. It is still on the dodgy side and really needs a pretty up both inside and out but we love it and look forward to many a weekend away in it.

Sibling love.

Getting ready to watch a movie on the laptop.

10.15pm and they are still awake..... and I am inside all by myself!!!

A not so sunny and pleasant day outside today so here's hoping for happy inside children. Maybe some painting or baking may be in order.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm grateful for.........

This Saturday I am grateful for.................

Children that love school and love to learn. I am also grateful that their achievements are recognised and felt so proud seeing how chuffed Miss Blondie was to stand in front of her school to receive her award.

For funny, happy, crazy little kiddies who love being together.

For the sunshine and the worms. So far today there has been a worm hunting expedition going on in our backyard.

Looking under plants and rocks.

The prized possession, a very large worm!

I am grateful for the children to be happy and busy so that I can fill nail holes, do some gardening and maybe a bit of painting whilst listening to their laughter and funny chatter.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Creative Space

I've been up to a few different crafty activities this week. I have had a pile of things to get done for a friend including a few repairs.....yuk! Thankfully the repairs were done in no time and I got to make up some cushions for her. She has recently been to Hawaii and came home with some great fabric to be made up into cushions.

This one is in the process. It was a VERY large muu muu style dress and will soon be 2 very cool cushions.

I'm assuming these didn't come from Hawaii but they are gorgeous nonetheless!

My 3 year old had to pose with Chocolate the puppy on his head whilst winking ................ and why not?

These travel bags I made for my friend's daughters last year before their trip to Europe, the US and the UK. I am now sewing on the patches they collected along the way.

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New Salties!

Oh my! I am so very happy with my latest purchase, the Saltwater Sandal. I have been eyeing these little gems off since I saw Hayley write a post about them. I knew instantly that I would be strutting my stuff with them on my feet this summer. They arrived today and I literally tore the package apart and have had them on all day. They are super comfortable and remind me of the good old days of the roman sandal!!!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010