Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Creative Space

I have pottered along all week sewing here and there and getting a few small orders completed. This girls skirt I have had cut out for a few weeks and haven't been able to get it done with everything else taking priority. This design has been in my head for months and finally its done and I love it.

I'll be putting it into my madeit shop sometime today.

For more creative spaces pop on over to Kootoyoo.


mel @ loved handmade said...

It's gorgeous Mandy, love the little bunched bit at the front - lovely!

(have you had massive word verifications today, they just keep getting longer, argh!)

Lillipilli Lane said...

I *love* it, nicely done!

Beck said...

I love your skirts, I want a grown up version of the red & purple one on your sidebar! xo

Vic said...

Love the red & the rouching... or whatever that is called... and spelt... ;)

Kylie said...

So dang cute I want one for me!!!!

Colette said...

Lovely colours, isn't it satisfying to see something finished that has been in your head for so long?

dash robin said...

love what you are creating-gorgeous stuff!

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