Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lovin' The Junes tunes

Last night I left the hubbie home with the kids plus an extra and met my dirty ho's down at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop (1. They are not really dirty ho's but they do really like to be called that!!! 2. Yes, it really is called the Piping Hot Chicken Shop or as the local's call it the Chicken Shop. It is run by Captain Chook, a local legend who supports the local music scene and puts on some of the most amazing music most weekends and who pours a mean and large glass of wine.) So off I went to see The Junes! (THE JUNES are a country swing supergroup formed in the wake of GIT and THE TOE SUCKING COWGIRLS, two of the finest female fronted bands in the land. Barely containing the talents of Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie and Gleny Rae Virus, THE JUNES write, sing and play with all the skill and style of their combined years in the business. These gals may travel around the country and around the world in other guises, singing other songs, but when THE JUNES get together, a cone of country power is raised wherever they are, and audiences are drawn to it like moths to a flame........ helpless in the spell of the harmonies, the swing, and the sight of these beautiful women.

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I loved getting out with friends and listening to some amazingly cool music. I plan on many more visits to the Chicken Shop in the next few months, particularly to see Chris him!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Rachael @Mogantosh said...

Oh, you make me miss my own dirty ho's...Will put that chicken shop on my list next time I rock into your part of town.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Sounds like it was fantastic, I bet you're glad you braved the cold (as if you wouldn't have!) I must to get down there some time soon...

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