Thursday, May 13, 2010

6 years and 1 week

My darling little Miss Blondie is 6. She is 6 years and 1 week young. I couldn't do this post on her actual birthday as I was racing around cleaning, baking, prettying things up for a little ol' birthday party for her little ol' besties. I am now only recovering from the flu or maybe it is post party stress disorder. I always imagined before children that I would LOVE hosting their parties, truth be told.....................I don't! I love the idea of it but the reality sends me into a bit of a spin. I don't do party games and the thought of a house full of kiddies screaming makes me want to hide in the bathroom with a bottle of wine for company. Don't get me wrong, I do the parties but the games NO. We do crafty parties instead!!! Sounds worse I know but it works for me.
Enough about me................
Little Miss Blondie.She is our middle child in every sense of the word... She has fought from the moment she arrived to be noticed. How could we not, she was beautiful and oh so look at. Not so on the ears! She has always been over the top in every way, happy, sad and cranky. Even her taste in clothes is over the top, I love it! Why wouldn't you mix every colour and pattern imaginable into the one outfit!

We call her Passion Pops, so passionate in every way.

I can't believe my little darling is already 6. She is starting to read and write and be a big girl.
She is funny and silly, she is caring and loving, she is popular, she is stubborn and disorganised but mostly she is my special little honey who I love lots and lots of muches.


small forest said...

Just popped in to say Hi! And thanks for following me. Much obliged.

mel @ loved handmade said...

That's such a lovely post about your sweet little poppy. She is adorable & oh so stylish! Time goes so fast doesn't it, especially it seems with the middle one...gorgeous pictures & I think you a one very brave lady to do a crafty themed party, how fantastic! I do the games, but I tell you a hip flask sure would be handy! Have a great weekend...

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