Monday, August 30, 2010

Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future

On my little Queensland adventure my dear friend Sophie and I attended the Valentino Retrospective . It truly was a visual feast, one in which my heart skipped many a beat. From the first frock I was completely awestruck. They were beautiful, strange, delicate, "out there" but mostly they were insane. When i say insane what I mean is that each outfit was so incredibly well made and would have taken a crazy amount of time to complete and oh so much hand sewing!!!!

Being a country girl and one obsessed with windmills I couldn't resist a photo of the windmill outside the Qld Art Gallery.

This dress was so pretty and just perfect.

Although you can't see it in this pic this dress was amazing. It had lace, feathers, sequins and so much more and still looked stunning. What I really loved was that from a distance it looked as though the mannequin was tattooed.

Has anyone else been to this exhibition? If you haven't and live in Brissie, do yourself a favour and go!

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Knicky Knacks said...

Bet your missing the weather now! The black dress looks sensational.

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