Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade Christmas Challenge

I like to get Christmas pressies organised early. This year we will spend Christmas at my Mother in laws and because it is such a HUGE family gift giving is kept to a minimum. So on that front I am off the hook to an extent!

Last week my big girl had a party to attend, so I whipped up this cushion for her lovely friend Anouk. Big girl was most impressed and declared that she would like one "just the same". Idea No. 1, cushions for each of the 3 kiddies for Christmas to go in their new bedrooms. We are in the midst of Stage 2 of renovating our house which means that our children will have their own bedrooms by Christmas time. That also means decorating and lots of lovely little gifts I can make for them and put away for Christmas.

For more Handmade Christmas goodies and ideas pop over to Knicky Knacks.


Leah Grace said...

What a pretty cushion! Love the purple.

Lillipilli Lane said...

Very nice : ) Just awarded you a blog award! Pop by to see : ) Keryn xx

Cat said...

I love the purple fabric and the flower design you created. What a lovely handmade gift.

TwigandToadstool said...

beautiful pillow!!! I'm just starting to think about Christmas!!! Gotta get to some craftin' soon!!!!
xo maureen

collecting feathers said...

Lovely cushion. It is wonderful that you have your act together. Sounds like cushions for everyone!

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