Monday, July 26, 2010

A busy weekend and now all is quiet.

Our busy weekend started with me doing a market on Friday night. It was a fundraiser for a local Preschool and held in a gorgeous little hall I didn't know existed.
On Saturday I had an extra 3 kiddies over as their Dad was helping Hubby hang plaster upstairs so you could say things got a little noisy! A party for Miss Blondie to attend in the afternoon and then dinner at a friends left us all feeling a touch exhausted.
When Sunday rolled around the house looked like a bomb had exploded at the front door and travelled through to the back of the house... A spot of cleaning and then out the door to the Pirate Park in Barwon Heads, the skatepark and then back over the bridge to have a wander down the Barwon River. The perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Oh, and dinner was cooked by the man of the house and a roast! Fabulous.
Now, they are at work, school and daycare. I am enjoying the quiet and may just pop on some music (Xavier Rudd, Ash Grunwald and maybe Little Birdy) whilst I potter around. Nothing "needs" to be done, what a great feeling!


mel @ loved handmade said...

How nice!! Enjoy your day all to yourself...

Alison said...

Well hello, happy that you found me. I've had a peek at your lovely blog and just adore the retro table & chairs. Lucky you. They look similar to my Gran's, she had a house by the river in Ocean Grove.

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