Monday, July 12, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Fabric, fabric and more fabric. I'm in fabric heaven.

This beautiful fabric was given to me by a friend. If only it wasn't lined with that rubbery curtain stuff.............bags maybe!

Love the colours in this but have only a smallish piece.

This one is very different but I fell in love and can't wait to maybe make some summery dresses.

For more lovely Flea Market Finds take a cheeky peek over here.


nadine paduart said...

lined with rubbery thingy... i try to imagine what that looks, and feels like. i'm thinking shower curtain, but that won't probably do?
the design is remarkable, as is the third, with the barns. great!

george said...

that top fabric is lush. in fact, it really reminds me of the fabric my mum used to make my swim bag when i first started school. i remember being embarrased about it as everyone else (or so it seemed) had the official school one. we were saving pennies of course!

Kylie said...

Oh these are just lovely, and you are quite right those cushions were in the window of a childrens shop here in Mildura, good spotting!

Kate said...

Wow! You have the gathering gift.

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