Friday, June 3, 2011


This week I'm grateful for.....
Watching my little ones with their friends brings me so much joy. My big girl's bestie is moving up to Queensland at the end of term. She is, so far coping well and is savouring the time they have left together. They are spending as much time together as they can while they can. I am finding lovely little letters written to her friend telling her not to go and that she will miss her so much. It breaks my heart.
You've got to love it when there is progress in the renovation department. Floorboards are layed, wall colours are being chosen. Lots of debate about the colours of walls in the kiddies rooms. They have all chosen colours I'm not too keen on so I've decided to paint their rooms white with a feature wall. I'm generally not into the feature wall but figure that it is much easier to paint over than a whole bedroom.
The husband and I had a date this week. It was just a coffee after school drop off but it was just the 2 of us. Something we rarely do but need to do more often. A walk along our beautiful beach ended our date before the reality of returning home to breakfast dishes caked in cornflakes and pyjamas flung from one end of the house to the other.
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Cat said...

It's so nice having time alone with your hubby just the two of you it sounds like a lovely time walking on the beach and talking over coffee, it's definitely something to do more often:) My hubby and I try and do it once a month with the help of my mother in law, it's really nice to have that time together without interruptions. Have a lovely long weekend. xo

All For Love said...

It is so lovely to read that other couples have little 'dates' also. Hubby and I almost never get time alone together, but when we do, it takes me right back to where it all began, just the two of us! Even if it's a quick half hour bite to eat on our lunch break at work. It's nice :o)

Erica said...

Just the two of you it sounds like a lovely time! Glad you had a great time together!

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