Monday, May 2, 2011

A little catch up.

Once again I have slipped back into non-blogging status. I have been missing but there has been no action to speak of, craft wise. I have thought about blogging, clicked on "new post", but just haven't had anything to say. I have been reading blogs and sometimes commenting. So, I am hoping to get some sort of blogging routine happening.

During the last month we have...

A day trip to Kennett River and Wye River. Can't wait to go back and camp. Stopped in at The Wye River General Store, amazing! Great coffee.

The kiddies enjoying a hot chocolate in our daggy campervan that will one day look much prettier. A quick camping trip to my MIL's in Casterton for her 90th birthday bash, complete with CWA afternoon tea, yummo!

Caught up with friends in Melbourne and then a trip to Phillip Island. We got to see the Penguin Parade which was a definite hit with the kids, and us for that matter.

Checked out The Nobbies . Wow, what a view.

The girls decided to have a little shop on the nature strip. Lots of bookmarks, drawings, posters, paper weights and lemons.

Reuben was on hand to act as security guard.

Getting ready for Ms Blondie's 7th birthday party. Thank goodness she has agreed to a sleepover with only 2 friends. I'm sure that between them they will make enough noise.


Unknown said...

Hi nice to see you back ;-) Such lovely photo's looks like you have been having some lovely magic moments. Take care, dee x

All For Love said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like so much fun in your neck of the woods.
A CWA afternoon tea... now THAT is something I would delight in. We had the devonshire tea put on by the CWA at the Royal Easter Show a few weeks ago... Delicious!

Fiona said...

We had a day at Phillip Island and another at Ballarat - fabulous places to visit. I'm finding school holidays are cramping my creative style too!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Beautiful pictures, wow the school holidays seem a distant memory don't they! I'll be sure to be around for the next street stall, gorgeous idea & so much fun!

Alison said...

What a wonderful time you had away. Lots of adventures and memories.

Nice to see your back in blogland.


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