Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grateful for ..... so many things.

This week I am grateful for ......

- Redisovering my love of baking. I have whipped up Gluten Free chocolate cookies, Honey and Ginger cookies and last night tackled a Gluten Free Butterscotch self-saucing pudding. They were all delish and the coeliac of the family was a very happy girl.

- Having a day to myself.

- Op shopping that day away and bringing a load of goodies home.

- Seeing my 9 year old get her ears pierced with her 2 best friends, truly delightful.

- the husband's floorboard laying ability, it's coming along nicely.

- TV. I love it, can't get enough of it. Good or bad, serious or funny.....hello Angry Boys and Offspring, I do love you both. Also, loving the multitude of episodes of Grand Designs.

For more grateful offerings, do pop on over to Maxabella Loves.


Maxabella said...

You've found your inner-baker in a big way. The honey and ginger cookies sound lovely... any chance of a recipe?

I'm glad you enjoyed your day to yourself - they are precious and always appreciated.

What a big moment - the ear piercing! Great fun.

Have a happy week! x

amberlee said...

I wish i would get the baking bug! i have so many untested recipes.... its a shame.

Great list!

p.s thanks for the comment on my blog, i cant wait to drop the 'student' and just be a teacher!

Kate said...

Such a greay list! I love the thought of those giggling girlies getting their ears pierced together. What fun.
have a happy week.

Emma Perry said...

I'm loving the sound of the GF Butterscotch pudding - sounds delicious. Will you be posting the recipe ... please?! ;-)

karlyn Jackson said...

Absolutely may favourite shows at the moment too. Gotta love a day of op shopping to yourself too...bliss!

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