Monday, March 14, 2011

Pterodactyl saves the day...........if only

Whilst talking with the kiddies this morning about what is going on in Japan at the moment and contemplating the fate of so many, the little guy pipes up with "It's okay Mummy, I will turn myself into a pterodactyl and fly up to the buildings and save the people".

If only it was that simple.

I feel so much sadness with what is happening in this crazy world of ours.


Unknown said...

O bless him what a sweetheart. To see the world through a childrens eyes is so beautiful. I agree with you it is very upsetting and hard to get your head around, but for some unknown reason its natures way and we have no control over that. dee x

All For Love said...

Aren't children the best! Such innocence and simplicity. If only we could all hold onto such qualities forever. Alas, it is not the way of the world. At least we're fortunate enough to experience a little piece of it again through our children :o)

Anonymous said...

i love looking at life through the eyes of my children, such a wonderful hertr has your son. Thanks for posting.

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