Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthdays, Baking and taking care of business.

The last few days have been a buzz of activity in the house of BOB & MABEL.

Firstly, my crazy middle child turned 8 yesterday. I can't believe that my little darling has been with us for that long already.   She is growing into a very independant girl that is smart and funny.  She is my special little darling.

Our days at the beach are numbered.....

with Cornflake the Guinea Pig, lots of cuddles.

Having a birthday dinner at the local Pizza place.

I made up a sewing kit for her as she loves to spend time with me at the sewing machine.  I found a great little vintage suitcase and filled it with lots of goodies of her own, it was a hit.
I've been baking up a storm in preparation of the birthday party on the weekend.  We can't wait for a house full of 8 year old girls!  The excitement and anticipation is overwhelming.  A Number 8 cake is in order and I just hope I can pull it off.

I have spent the day photographing and listing a few new things in my store.  It's been a long time coming I must say.  Although I always feel the need to create, I often get bogged down with more mundane tasks and have been very slack the last few months.
I have had quite a long break from BOB & MABEL and am really looking forward to tackling a few markets again.

I've loved making these hot water bottle cozies.  We've had such cold weather lately, so its nice to sit down with a cup of tea, a blanket and the warmth of a very pretty hot water bottle.

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mel @ loved handmade said...

Look at her, cute! Sounds like a whole week of celebration, the only way to celebrate a birthday! Love those bags & water bottle covers..x

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