Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm grateful for.......

1. This week I am so very grateful for a walk along the beach with my beautiful dog Reuben. He get so excited as soon as he sees me put my runners on loves meeting all the other dogs along the way. I've been walking most nights for the past 3 weeks whilst the husband puts the kids to bed. Now that is something to be grateful for, if only they were actually asleep when I got home. Not his fault though, my monkeys are too busy talking and giggling to sleep.

2. I am grateful for my first child free day since last year. I crave time to myself and after the holidays with 3 kids and husband home the whole time I was desperate to have the house to myself. Taking a little time out to smell the roses. Bliss.

3. I am also grateful that my husband has mostly been patient with my crazy premenstrual mood this week. Despite trying to suck up the bitch within, it has surfaced on more than one occasion................ maybe that's why he is almost pushing me out the door to go for a walk at night!!!!

Take a look over at Maxabella loves for more.


Maxabella said...

One child-free day in a year? Oh my, you are even more amazing than I thought (and that was pretty amazing to begin with!) So happy that you got that day. x

BOB & MABEL said...

Oh God no! It was the first child free day for this year.

Sandrine said...

HOpe for happy many more of those moments except the PMT ones :)I sometimes wonder why do we have to go through that??Oh well, at least you got some time walking peacefully smelling the roses LOL
Have a great weekend x

Unknown said...

What sort of dog is Reuben? Don't all dogs just love the beach! Great list.

Unknown said...

Those are lovely things to be thankful for. I know what you mean about premenstrual mood thats been me to this week except it makes me low and tearful and my kids think i have lost the plot ha ha bless them. enjoy your lovely walks on the beach good for the soul i feel, dee x

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

so many wonderful things to be grateful for! What a wonderful spot to walk Reuben. Love the last one. I too can very much relate to this.


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