Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little something for very special teachers

Being the last minute shopper, sewer and organiser that I am I was up late Wednesday night making these little makeup bags for my girls teachers. They picked the fabric and I did the sewing. Included in the little package was a "Teachers survival kit" consisting of hand santiser, wipes, panadol, chocolate and alcohol. My girls didn't get it, the teachers did!!!!

For the little guys daycare teachers I'm going to copy Janina's idea from here.

I've been incredibly teary over the last week or so and I'm not really sure why. Maybe its because the girls have had such a great year at school and have had the best teachers. Next year it is the unknown, I don't know their teachers and we have to start fresh. It may also be because my big girl is turning 9 tomorrow and that's too close to 10!!!


mel @ loved handmade said...

They are such gorgeous gifts, lucky teachers! I completely understand the whole teary thing, what a mess I've been! Enjoy your big girls special day xx

Unknown said...

awww i know how you feel to. My son is 10 and in his last year of primary school, it was his last school disco last night and i stayed to help out, and seeing all his friends so much taller and looking grown up i had some more tears. Beauitful gifts i adore the bottom makup bag gorg fabric. take care Dee x

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

very lucky teachers. The little gift packs are fab! We too have been making cookie jars for the girls daycare teachers. I love this idea.

I'm in with the tears as well. xoxox


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Fantastic gifts & another happy birthday. I have 9 year old December twins, 'twas a great year 2001. Just crazy to have parties this time of year, but we do & we love them!! Love Posie

Danielle said...

I'd love to be the girls teacher. Great gifts. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts xx

Kylie said...

I so know what you mean, tears a plenty at my house too and to be really truthfull Christmas was horrible this year. My oldest is leaving home and we have three friends fighting cancer *sigh*. Tomorrow is another day!
But apart from all that, beautiful idea with the gifts and the material is very nice indeed.Lucky teachers I say!

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