Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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School holidays for us has not been the most exciting time. We have done very little in the way of plays and doing holiday type activities. We have all been a bit under the weather and have spent time together at home playing board games, gardening and painting the garden shed. Today, after cleaning for what seemed like hours I took the leap into the studio. I hate not making things and get a bit edgy when i'm not creating. I only needed a little taste and so far this is it! I've been wanting to try this since Jodie from RicRac posted her tutorial.


My first attempt is not the most exciting but I just used some scraps to make sure I could do it. The green of the cushion is actually a beautiful emerald green not this yucky dark green. Its obviously not finished but that's tomorrows task. I need to top stitch to attach the patterned fabric and of course actually finish the actual cushion!

For more creative spaces take a look here.


mel @ loved handmade said...

It looks fantastic Mandy, I love the print! Sorry to hear you have all not been so well, still it is nice to be home pottering about & relaxing..looking forward to seeing you back at school. Enjoy whats left of these holidays that seem to have gone by way too fast...

Lou said...

Also sorry to hear you haven't been well at your house. We've had some of that ourselves - seems to be going around! It is lovely to have some quite time at home but then nice to break it up with other things as well. So glad you got to do some crafting to help with your sanity. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays. All the best, Lou.

Mandy said...

Hope you are all well soon! Enjoy the holidays even if it is just hanging out at home. Sometimes they make the most memorable moments.
You cushion looks terrific! Going to have to investigate further! Nice!!!

Cat said...

I hope everyone gets better soon, sometimes it can be nice just hanging out at home together. Your cushion looks great I hope you get some more creative time in this weekend. Take care.:)

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