Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Achievement award

My Little Miss Blondie was the happiest preppie ever last week when she discovered she would be the recipient of an Achievement Award. She has watched her big sister get a few awards over the years and was bursting at the seems with pride. Her award was for "Having a great go at spelling words". I couldn't be more proud especially when i saw her beaming smile as she stood in front of the whole school to receive her award.


mel @ loved handmade said...

YAY!! So special, the look on the little faces just melts you doesn't it! I bet that'll take pride of place on the fridge for a good long while...

Steph said...

Such magic moments!!! I used to love seeing how chuffed my preppies got when they received their awards. I always got into trouble from the principal for giving out too many...made parade go too long. Oh well :) Congrats to you little one:)

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