Thursday, October 15, 2009


After the event and the lead up to the Open Studio last week I am in dire need of some relaxation. In an hour or so I am heading to Daylesford with 6 girlfriends for some R & R, well thats what we hoped for last time. 18 months ago we went and well, it was a little crazy. Too many Mums who hadn't been out for a while, too much drinking , too much singstar and weird hiphop/rap dancing whilst very intoxicated.......... I am hoping for a little more culture this time after all I am a grown up woman!
p.s. The appalling dancing was done by me and hopefully there will not be a repeat of it.

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mel @ loved handmade said...

Hi Mandy! I did it! I'm finally in the blog loop. Thanks so much for your help. Mel

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