Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paul Kelly - 6

I have more than one man in my life, my husband and Paul Kelly! I love him like crazy, there are other musicians/bands that I like alot but no one compares to PK. The book in the photo is one I bought my husband years ago but have now taken over ownership. It sits on my cutting table in my studio and I pick it up most days and often lose myself reading the lyrics of his songs.
This is my fave at the moment
There was a man on the radio talking about the young people
Said we should listen to the young people, said they're a victim of conspiracy
The young people, Jesus! What's that supposed to mean?
I never did one damn good thing 'til I was over thirty
I'm gunna get up in the morning, chug-a-lug a coffee
Get on my bike and ride away
Find me a beach with a nice little break and I'm gunna catch wave after wave after wave
Until there's nothing on my mind

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